Pyramid Office Building

  • Location
    Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Year of Completion
  • Site Area
    1550 sft
  • Builtup Area
    6000 sft
  • Building Type

The Design challenge is to incorporate an office building for the builders in a small site area of around 1,550sft. Hence the space is taken vertical with four floors to accommodate client’s requirements.

The Interiors design is done along with the Architectural part. The Interior space is played in the levels and cutouts linking all the spaces visually.The Interior space is designed with intermediate levels and with stairs all around the double height space.

In order to hide steps seen into the Interior volume, a double height partition boxing is created which acts as handrails as well as hide the steps from seen in double height space.

The Director in top most floor wants a visual link to all below floors and hence cutouts are made in random places in each floor. To make the Lines simpler in the interior, the cutouts are protected with glass Handrails.

All the Manager’s tables are customized as per the design language in the interiors of sloped soffit of stairs. The Main Spiral Staircase was designed in steel which also acts as an artefact to the entire Marketing floor.

​​A Semi outdoor lobby is designed with the automatic open/close metallic pergola roof for casual meetings. In order to incorporate landscaping inside the building, a central planter box created in the double height space with skylight opening above it.