Manoj Residence

  • Location
    Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu
  • Year of Completion
  • Site Area
    2675 sft
  • Builtup Area
    3400 sft
  • Building Type

As a site is located in Pondicherry, with its high humidity, the design required high ceilings and large openings as seen in the old french colony parts.

The major design criteria in the residence is the incorporation of the landscape inside the building. The landscape court is tugged in the living portion with french door, which opens up to the exterior.

The other side of the living is also provided with landscape of double height which have the overlook from all the other surrounding spaces.

Double height landscape area adjacent to the living doubles the volumes of the whole house and have a clear air circulation in the living and dining. The dining area can be extended into the landscape deck for casual seating.

Landscapes on either side of the living provides the feel of nature brought inside the building volume and gives the feel of liveliness.

“Floating roof” - the double height living has the slope roof with float like effect from the walls for better diffused natural lighting into the main living from all sides.

The slope roof inthe living have a larger opening in the eastern direction to allow early morning sun rays into the building.